About Strive Cycle Training

Improve your cycling fitness, skills and speed with a training plan delivered direct to your phone, with advanced analysis, feedback and encouragement.

Strive Cycle Training caters for club level cyclists who want to improve their cycling fitness, skills and speed.  We deliver your training plan right to your mobile phone and provide frequent feedback and encouragement.  Our services are perfect for club cyclists who don't have thousands of dollars to spend on coaching services, but who still want to improve their performance.

Our approach is based on helping you achieve your cycling goals. You set the goals, and we work out together what is the best way to get you there. At Strive Cycle Training, you aren't going to get yelled at for missing a session, screamed at for dropping a wheel or chastised for sleeping in.  You're going to be supported, listened to and encouraged all the way to the finish line.

Strive Cycle Training is run by Toby Brown.  Toby is a Cycling Australia certified coach who has been riding bikes for over 20 years.  He has been a club champion, awarded medals in State Titles and raced in the UCI 2.0 Asia Tour. Toby also runs the Dome Coffee Cycling Team.

Our Assistant Coaches include Jonathan Bolton is a NRS rider who has been part of the Strive Cycle Training journey since the beginning.  Jono is a Cycling Australia certified coach and is now managing his own portfolio of clients.

Peter Mah and Luke Ellis also offer coaching services through Strive Cycle Training.  Luke is the leader of the Dome Coffees Cycling team and an experienced rider on the Perth A grade circuit. Peter has a wealth of experience in developing club level athletes and is the local authority on organising group rides through the Perth hills. 

Training Services

We offer a range of services to cater for every skill level.  It doesn't matter if you've been riding for a week or a decade, we can help you go faster!


Personalised Training Plans

We use Training Peaks to deliver your personalised training plan straight to your mobile phone or pc.  So, where ever you are you can access your plan and not miss a session.


Group Training

We offer regular group sessions that are run by guest coaches.  These sessions can range from racing tactics guidance, to basic skill sessions to hard motor paced sessions for experienced clients. 


Core Strength

No cyclist can afford to neglect their core.  A strong core is essential to maintain posture on the bike, produce efficient power and to prevent injury.  All of our plans feature core workouts.



Using Training Peaks advanced analysis tools we are able to track your progress towards achieving you goals.  We can also manage your training load to ensure you don't over do it.  Analysis is a particularly powerful tool for power meter users. Detailed weekly analysis is provided to our premium clients.


How much does it cost?

At Strive we believe that you should train your way to the front, not spend your way to the front.  


We keep our services affordable to allow clients to retain our services for a longer period of time - thereby maximising the benefits of the coach-athlete relationship.

2017 Price

  • Setup Fee - $49
  • Monthly Fee - $89*

*includes a premium Training Peaks Account valued at $10 per month and access to loads of VIP discounts.

Let's talk

Send an enquiry via the form here or contact Toby via email or mobile below. 

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InfoCrank is made to meet serious riders’ needs. Nothing is compromised: everything is optimised to work perfectly, look elegant, and last at least as long as the bike itself. InfoCrank is perfectly integrated into the bike so, when your bike is an extension of you, InfoCrank is a part of you too.

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Resources & Equipment

Here are the resources we recommend that cyclists get their hands on and their minds around. 

All the information you need from how to train to what to eat can be found in our favourite books. 

You'll also see some equipment items we recommend.

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android
Wahoo Fitness (Sports & Outdoors)
Training and Racing with a Power Meter
By Hunter Allen, Andrew Coggan PhD
The Rider
By Tim Krabbé


Here is a few of the great things our clients are saying about us...

Toby has transformed my riding and helped me transform myself. He has helped me lift my power output by over a massive 50% in 3 years and together we have set a number of tough but realistic goals (most of us have a “real life” off the bike). Impressive numbers are only part of the story. Strive is a cycling family based on support and encouragement. I am part of a great bunch of people who, along with Toby, have helped me improve both on and off the bike. I have achieved things that a few short years ago would have seemed crazy. Thank you Toby for everything and I look forward to continuing the adventure as very little seems impossible now.
— Andrew Williams
Strive Cycle Training (SCT) coaching has helped me develop into a fitter, stronger & smarter rider. Initially I thought my cycling goals would only be a dream. Through the guidance, advice & support of Toby Brown and the SCT crew my dreams have now become reality. The friendships & support formed in this group not only push your physical and mental limits, the SCT coaching programs instils confidence in your cycling ability.
— Kat Buckley
Can a coach make a difference? At the start of the last 12 week block we were challenged to get up Welshpool Road as fast as we could to create a baseline measure. On January 4th this year I climbed from Crystal Brook Road to Pomeroy Road in 14:45 at an average of 301W. Yesterday, just 3 months later and in very similar conditions, I did it in 13:25 at an average of 358W... thank you Toby Brown!!
— Andrew Ballam
I have been with Strive Cycle Training for over two years now and can say that it has been the best decision i have ever made in relation to achieving my personal best on the bike. I joined back in late 2015 after i decided i wanted to start racing competitively. Now late 2017 i have achieved some massive results as I’m now racing A grade raced and some winning international events with some top tier riders. Strive Cycle Training is like an extended family. We train together, we race together and we win together
— Jarred Anderson
I’ve seen drastic improvements in my riding and fitness in only a few months since signing up with Toby. I would fully recommend anyone wanting to see some results to sign up with Toby.
— Ben Jackson
In two months Toby got me race fit to compete in the Goldfields Cyclassic.  Thanks Toby couldn’t have done it without you!
— Danny Berry